Louis Tomlinson Cardboard Cutout

Louis Tomlinson Cardboard Cutout
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Louis Tomlinson cardboard cutout, it does not get any better. Life-size in every way. The perfect gift.



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Considered by many the nicest One Direction member, Louis Tomlinson’s life and love story is unmasked in this article.
Louis (the band member and not the Louis Tomlinson cardboard cutout) may be having success in his career now but things were not always so rosy for him. As a young boy, he went through the experience of enduring his parents’ divorce. After Louis’ parents split, his mother Johanna remarried Mark Tomlinson and Louis took his name. From his mom’s marriage, Louis gained four younger stepsisters, namely Charlotte, Felicite and the twins Daisy and Phoebe. His mom and stepdad also divorced in 2011.

His biological dad, Troy Austin, told the UK Mirror in an interview that he is proud of his son’s achievement and the success of his band, One Direction, given all that has happened. According to Troy, after he and Louis’ mother, Johannah, were divorced, he was separated from Louis for several years. Getting back in touch had been difficult, especially in the latter years since his ex-wife kept changing phone numbers. He said that it was only when Louis auditioned for The X-Factor that he was able to see him and know his whereabouts. Troy, who is a construction worker, bought tickets for him and his daughter to a One Direction concert. Louis didn’t even know that his father was in the audience then.

Troy shared his experience when he and daughter Georgia wept when they saw Louis perform on stage during the concert. Troy’s stepsister Georgia is also a huge One Direction fan and seeing her brother sing and dance on a stage was such an overwhelming experience. Well, his sisters are lucky enough to have a One Direction member as part of the family. Good thing fans can enjoy having a Louis Tomlinson cardboard cutout instead.

Louis was already into music back when he was in school. Before his X-Factor days, Louis performed the part of Danny in a production of Grease, as well as other musical productions. Too bad they didn’t make a Louis Tomlinson cardboard cutout with the John Travolta hair in Grease. That would have been too cute! Louis met his ex-girlfriend Hannah Walker in the Hall Cross Academy production of Grease, where they were both students. They began dating in March of 2010 and were together for more than a year before they broke up in 2011. It is rumoured that Hannah was the one who encouraged Louis to audition for The X-Factor UK. Both expressed on Twitter that they remain friends.

It was his One Direction best bud, Harry, who introduced Louis to his current girlfriend Eleanor Calder. Harry and Eleanor had a common friend and in the summer of 2011, Louis tagged along with Harry to meet up with a friend who came with Eleanor as well. Eleanor became Louis’ date several times, including at Niall’s birthday party. In September 2011, Eleanor and Louis became exclusive. Eleanor has even flown to be with Louis on their performances abroad for a number of times. Louis admitted that he lets Eleanor preview their new songs. They are reportedly going strong and very happy together. It must be true, as they have been together up to now.

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